Williams-Heavy-Duty Dual Muff Headset Microphone (MIC 088)

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Williams Sound’s MIC 088 is compatible with the DLT 100 Transceiver

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Introducing The MIC 088, Williams Sound’s new Heavy-Duty Dual Muff Headset Microphone meant for use with The DLT 100 transceiver. This is a behind the neck headset which is ideal for both noisy environments, as well as for use with a hard hat, making it perfect for a factory tour. Listeners using the MIC088 with the DLT100, The DLR50receiver can hear all transmissions made.

Warranty: 90 Day limited manufacturer’s warranty

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Ideal For


  • Live Sound Stage
  • Factory Tours
  • Military Training


Components Include


  • MIC 068