Williams FM Neckloop with 18 inch Cord (NKL 001)

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The Williams AV NKL 001 neckloop with 18″ cord is a great way for people who use hearing aids to take advantage of hearing assistance systems!


  • Works with tele-coil equipped hearing aids only
  • Hangs around neck
  • Lightweight design

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If you have a tele-coil equipped hearing aid, the NKL 001 neckloop works with your hearing aid to amplify sound without having to wear headsets or other on-ear or in-ear device. It’s a simple and comfortable solution for those times when your hearing aid alone just isn’t enough.

The NKL 001 is compatible with the Williams AV Pocketalker Ultra and Pocketalker Pro personal hearing amplifiers as well as FM receivers to give your hearing a boost whenever or wherever you need it.

The neckloop is also a great way to take advantage of hearing assistance systems that are available in most public venues such as movie theaters or auditoriums, as well as TVs, tape recorders, or any device having 8-16 ohms audio output through a 3.5 mm mono jack.

Additionally, the NKL 001 is compatible with many FM receivers, including the PPA R37-00, PPA R37-8, PPA R38 and the Williams AV PockeTalkers.

PLEASE NOTE: This neckloop ONLY works with tele-coil equipped hearing aids.

The NKL 001 is an adult sized neckloop with an 18 inch cord.

Warranty: 90 day manufacturer’s limited warranty

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Product Features

  • Works with telecoil-equipped hearing aids
  • Hangs around neck
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to use
  • 18 inch length

Ideal For

  • Hearing Assistance
  • Conferencing
  • ADA Compliant Theaters and Cinemas

Components Include

  • 1 Adjustable NKL 001 Neckloop
  • 3.5mm Mini-Plug