Williams AV Digi-Wave 2-Way Transceiver (DLT 300)

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The Williams AV Digi-Wave DLT 300 transceiver provides 1 or 2-way communication in Digi-Wave 300 tour guide, interpreting & teaching systems!


  • Allows 1-way or 2-way operation
  • Patented frequency-hopping technology minimizes interference from other devices
  • Easy-to-read and intuitive LCD screen

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The Williams AV Digi-Wave DLT 300 Transceiver offers 1-way or 2-way operation for flexibility in a variety of applications and Digi-Wave tour guide, interpreting, and team teaching systems. The DLT 300 is compatible with the DLR 360 receiver, as well as all Digi-Wave 300 systems.

PLEASE NOTE: due to enhancements in the Digi-Wave 300 systems, the DLT 300 transceiver and the DLR 360 receiver are NOT compatible with earlier Digi-Wave or Digi-Wave 2.0 systems.

The Williams AV DLT 300 transceiver is slim, ultra-portable, and simple to set up and use. Its 2-way capabilities allow it to function as both a transmitter for presenters, and a receiver/transmitter for listeners and group members. At the push of a button, listeners with the DLT 300 transceiver can respond to the guide or presenter, making the Digi-Wave a true 2-way communication system for a variety of applications. Listeners using the DLR 360 receiver can hear all transmissions made with the DLT 300 transceiver.

The DLT 300 features full-duplex capability, supporting up to four simultaneous talkers in two-way mode, and up to six simultaneous talkers in intercom mode.

Although a built-in speaker and microphone allows users to hear and speak without headphones, the DLT 300 transceiver is compatible with a wide range of Williams AV headsets, including the MIC 044-2P Headset Microphone.

Warranty: 2 years parts and labor (90 days on accessories); 6 months on internal battery

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