Amplivox SW660 Wireless Quad Horn Half Mile Hailer Kit

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Amplivox SW660 Half Mile Hailer 50-Watt PA features four horn speakers and a wheeled travel case!


  • 50-watt amplifier
  • Built-in wireless receiver
  • Portable
  • Audience Size up to 5000 people

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The Amplivox SW640 Half Mile Hailer audio kit uses a powerful 50-watt amplifier to deliver crystal clear sound with 4 horn speakers, making it suitable for large outdoor areas.
This Half Mile Hailer kit comes with the SW805A amplifier, which has a built-in wireless receiver for use with the included wireless hands free microphones, both headset and lapel. The system also comes with a wired handheld dynamic microphone.
The kit also includes 3 S1090 tripod stands to mount the speakers and amp, as well as the S1960 storage case to transport your Half Mile Hailer almost anywhere.
The Half Mile Hailer kit features a line out jack for a tape recorder so you can record your presentation or performance while it’s happening. It also has an auxiliary input jack which can accommodate a CD player, tape player or computer sound system for a multimedia presentation that will capture the crowd’s attention.
The SW660 kit is virtually weatherproof, so you can use it even in extreme conditions.
6 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • Includes two S1264 Horn Speakers; 40 ft. cables with two S1265 Add-on Horn Speakers for the S1264, 2 tripods, rugged nylon carrying case with wheels and retractable luggage handle
  • 16 Channel UHF wireless receiver from 584MHz – 608MHz
  • Weatherproof reverberant horn speaker carries sound across several youth sports athletic fields
  • 50 watt multimedia stereo amplifier with built in wireless receiver
  • Wireless lapel mic and headset mic with body pack transmitter
  • S2031 Handheld Microphone Cardioid/unidirectional, dynamic mic 15-ft. XLR to ¼-in. cord.
  • Emergency Siren Button
  • Dual Wireless Capability: 2 presenters can be wireless with optional 2nd wireless mic kit
  • Power each Hailer Speaker with 10 D-cell alkaline batteries for up to 200 hours talk time

Additional information

Weight 104 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 21 × 21 in

Product Features

  • 50-watt amplifier
  • Built-in wireless receiver
  • Portable
  • Tapered weatherproof horns
  • Optional battery pack

Ideal For

  • Crowd control
  • Sporting events
  • Public speaking

Components Include

  • 1 SW850A Speaker Horn with Built-in Amplifier
  • 2 S1264 Speakers
  • 2 S1265 Speakers
  • 2 40-foot Speaker Cables
  • 2 Y-Cables
  • Wireless Lapel and Headset Mics with Bodypack
  • 1 Wired Dynamic Handheld Mic
  • 3 S1090 Tripod Stands
  • 1 S1960 Storage Case