Amplivox SW314 Quad Sound Cruiser 50-Watt Vehicle Mounted PA with Wireless Hands-Free Mics

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Amplivox SW314 50-watt Quad Sound Cruiser includes wireless lapel & headset mics & features a 4 speaker system that mounts on any vehicle!


  • 4 speaker horns
  • Projects up to 100 yards
  • Weatherproof
  • Audience Size: up to 3000 people
  • Emergency Siren Button

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The wireless Quad Sound Cruiser has all the great features of the Amplivox SW312 Sound Cruiser. However, the Quad Sound Cruiser goes one better – two better, actually – by using 4 powerful speaker horns instead of 2 for more powerful 360-degree voice casting from any car, truck, bus or boat.
The Quad Sound Cruiser can be mounted in minutes with easy-to-use non-marring suction cups and tie-down straps.
The Quad Sound Cruiser PA system uses the same powerful 50-watt speakers with built-in wireless receivers as the Amplivox Half Mile Hailer, along with the S805A wireless amplifier and a wireless headset and lapel microphones with bodypack transmitter.16 Channel UHF wireless receiver from 584MHz – 608MHz.
The Quad Sound Cruiser can broadcast voice or other audio up to 100 yards – the size of a football field!
The Quad Sound Cruiser’s speakers and mounting system are weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about taking them down even in extreme conditions.
Plug the SW314 directly into your car cigarette lighter, or use the 8 D-cell batteries for up to 200 hours talk time or the rechargeable NiCad battery pack and AC adapter/recharger are also available (Sold Separately). 6′ DC car adapter cable and 10′ battery clip cable included.
The Quad Sound Cruiser has microphone inputs for the included wireless mics as well as dynamic and condenser mics. An auxiliary input for a CD/tape player or computer sound system lets you bring a multimedia message to the masses.

Warranty: 6-year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Additional information

Weight 90 lbs

Product Features

  • 4 speaker horns
  • Projects up to 100 yards
  • Weatherproof
  • Operates on 10 D cell batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • 50-watt amplifier
  • Swivel mounts allow 360 degree rotation
  • Up/down aiming
  • Operates wirelessly

Ideal For

  • Political campaigns
  • Parks and recreation
  • Neighborhood safety
  • School trips

Components Include

  • 4 Speaker Horns
  • S805 50-watt Amplifier
  • Wireless Bodypack Transmitter with Headset and Lapel Microphones
  • DC Car Adapter and Cables
  • Mounting Assembly Kit