Rechargeable Battery Kit for PockeTalker Pro (BAT KT3)

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Williams AV BAT KT3 PKT PRO rechargeable battery kit with charger and two batteries!


  • 9 volts
  • Charges batteries inside unit

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The Williams AV BAT KT3 3V charger kit comes with a 3 volt charger unit and two AA NiMH batteries.

This battery charger unit only works with the PockeTalker Pro hearing assistance system. To get the greatest life out of your products, use only Williams AV batteries and chargers. Do not mix and match batteries and chargers from different suppliers!

Warranty: 90 day manufacturer’s limited warranty

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

Product Features

  • 9 volts
  • Charges battery inside unit

Ideal For

  • PockeTalker Pro

Components Include

  • 1 Charger and Cable
  • 2 AA NiMH Batteries