Listen Tour Guide System with 15-Receivers – 72 MHz (LS-08-072-01)

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Listen Technologies 72MHz 15-person tour guide & meeting system with 15 programmable receivers plus a recharging carry case!


  • 57 channels to choose among
  • Portable
  • Operating range of up to 150 feet

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The Listen LS-08-072 tour guide system is a great starting point for small facilities, government or other meetings, houses of worship or other venues that wish to provide language interpretation. This 72MHz, fifteen person system is perfect for tours of factories, museums, schools or zoos. The LS-08-072 includes the LT-700 portable transmitter (72MHz) with over-the-ear microphone, fifteen LR-500 programmable receivers (72MHz) with ear speakers, AA alkaline batteries and a 16-unit charging/carrying case. This system is also available in 216MHz, model number LS-08-216.

The included 72MHz LR-500 receiver utilizes the 57 most common wide band channels (unless electronically locked on one channel), with Up, Down and “SEEK” channel selection buttons behind the mechanically locking door, thus discouraging end users from changing the channel selected. Electronically lock on channel by holding the “SEEK” button down 5 seconds to prevent tampering. The exclusive built-in belt clip ?loop?, located on the back, prevents the unit from slipping off of your belt or strap. The LR-500 has a line-level earphone jack (3.5mm) that accepts either mono or stereo headsets. Receiver antenna is built into the earphone cord, eliminating additional wires while maximizing receiver effectiveness.

The included LT-700-072 transmitter (72MHz) has a operating range of up to 150 feet, so you can roam wireless from the receivers. Features of the LT-700-072 include a microphone or line level source (such as a CD or MP3 player). Multifunction LED display indicates when microphone is muted, if batteries are low, and charging status. Easy access mute switch. Look&Listen? LCD Display shows channel selection, channel lock, and battery level. Also used to program channel selection. The LT-700-072 offers 57 channels, or can be programmed so that only the channels you are using are displayed. UP/DOWN channel selection. Also used to lock and unlock channel selection to prevent accidental channel switching. Easy access POWER button. Manually lockable battery compartment door. The transmitter antenna is built into the microphone cord, eliminating additional wires while maximizing transmission effectiveness. Operates on two AA batteries.

Disclaimer: FCC rules limit use of this equipment to auditory assistance for the handicapped.

Warranty:Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Additional information

Weight 37 lbs

Product Features

  • 57 channels to choose among
  • Portable
  • Operating range of up to 150 feet
  • Rechargeable
  • Lightweight

Ideal For

  • Tours in public areas
  • Factories
  • Museums
  • Tourist attractions

Components Include

  • 1 LT-700-072 Portable Display RF Transmitter (72 MHz)
  • 1 LA-278 Behind-the-Head Microphone
  • 15 LR-500-072 Portable Programmable Display RF Receivers (72 MHz)
  • 15 LA-164 Ear Speakers
  • 1 LA-311 16-Unit Portable RF Product Charging/Carrying Case
  • Batteries for Transmitter and Receivers