Fender Passport Event AudioLinks Exclusive 375-Watt PA System

List Price: $3,675.99
Our Price: $2,849.99

Fender Passport Event PA is a 375-Watt stereo PA system complete with 2 speaker stands, 1 wired microphone, & a receiver for 2 wireless mics!


  • 375 Watt class-D amplifier
  • 4 mic/line inputs & 2 stereo inputs
  • 1/8″ mini stereo output

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AudioLinks’ Fender Passport Event loudspeaker & powered mixer package, the P51 wired mic kit, and the Fender Passport ST275 speaker stand set were built to work together – and now, they can! AudioLinks has put these great Fender Passport products together for you in one combined package at a great discounted price!

Weighing in at 44 pounds, the Passport Event PA is ready to travel anywhere you need a great stereo sound system. It’s designed to be set up in minutes – and you don’t have to be a sound engineer to get professional quality results. The Fender Passport Event also adds an output with a 120hz high pass filter for an optional powered subwoofer.

Features of the powered mixer include 4 XLR inputs (with 48v phantom power) for use with a wide range of microphones; preamp out and power amp inserts for use with other sound systems; and individual volume controls with a 20 db pad for input channels. The Passport Event PA also includes high & low EQ controls and reverb sends for each channel; system volume and tone controls; and LED signal indicators for each input.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Fender’s comprehensive redesign of the input channels on the new Passport systems, connecting a 1/4 inch cable from a guitar or other low-output instrument will result in low volume.

To remedy this situation, AudioLinks recommends purchasing an optional direct box such as the Nady ADI 1 to allow connection to the Passport’s XLR inputs.

AudioLinks also recommends the ART Tube MP with a tube powered pre-amp to boost the signal and sweeten the tone of your guitar to get the most out of your Passport PA system.

For stereo instruments or music players, we recommend the stereo Dual USB Pre which also features a USB port to easily connect your instrument to a computer or other flash drive.

In addition to its streamlined design, Fender’s Passport speaker system provides the optimum in audio clarity for a variety of presentations. The Passport Event PA features 2 speakers, each with a 8 inch woofer a 1.2 inch horn-loaded tweeter for clear, full-range sound.

The Fender Passport Event PA System also includes 1lavaliere and 1 handheld mic, a body pack transmitter, and a dual-channel half-rack diversity receiver. The receiver can operate on 2 channels simultaneously, which means you can use both the headset and handheld mic together without worrying about interference.

This package also includes a dynamic Samson R31S microphone with an xlr cable; 2 20-foot speaker cables for optimal setup and stereo imaging; and a detachable power cable.

The Fender Passport ST275 speaker stand kit comes with 2 heavy-duty tripod speaker stands and a nylon carry bag for easy transport. These sturdy stands are built specifically for Fender Passport PA systems, but they work with any speakers up to 60 lbs. that use a standard 1/2-inch pole mount adapter.
Limited manufacturer’s warranty

Additional information

Weight 130 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 32 × 14.5 in

Product Features

  • 375 Watt class-D amplifier
  • 4 mic/line inputs & 2 stereo inputs
  • 1/8″ mini stereo output
  • 1/4″ subwoofer output with 120 hz high-pass filter on speaker out
  • Preamp out & power amp inserts
  • 8″ woofers & 1.2″ horn-loaded tweeters
  • 2 stereo channels with 1/4″ & 1/8″ inputs
  • 4 mic lines with XLR & 1/4″ line inputs
  • 48v phantom power for each mic input channel
  • Level controls & reverb send on each channel
  • High & low EQ controls
  • 20 dB pad on input channels
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Stands support 60 lb. speakers with standard pole mounts
  • Dynamic microphone with 18 foot cable
  • Wireless receiver allows simultaneous use of 2 mics
  • LED displays for monitoring incoming signal strength and audio level
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced adjustable 1/4″ inputs
  • UHF high-band operation
  • System weight: 76 lbs
  • Dimensions: 25″(H) X 32″(W) X 14.5″(D)
  • Shipping weight: 94 lbs.

Ideal For

  • Meetings
  • Presentations
  • Classrooms

Components Include

  • 2 Passport Event PA Loudspeakers
  • 1 Powered Mixer
  • 1 Handheld Microphone with Clip & Pouch
  • 1 XLR Mic Cable
  • 2 Speaker Cables
  • 1 AC Power Cord
  • 2 ST-275 Speaker Stands
  • 1 AWM6012UL UHF 2 Channel Wireless Microphone System
  • 1 6 Foot XLR to XLR Cable