DIS-CCU-US Central Control Unit w/ Power Supply

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The DIS-CCU Central Control Unit is a powerful microprocessor-based control unit designed for the DDS 5900 and DCS 6000 systems.


  • Controls up to 250 units
  • 2 analog audio inputs
  • Up to 8 microphones open at one time
  • Firmware upgrade of the entire DCS6000 system is possible via a PC.

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The DIS-CCU Central Control Unit is the centerpiece of the DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System and the DCS 6000 Digital Conference System. It distributes digital audio, control data, and power to chairman, delegate, and interpreter units over a standard shielded CAT 5e (or higher) cable in serial daisy-chain topology using the proprietary DCS-LAN protocol. The DIS-CCU includes 2 analog audio inputs for external audio sources, and 8 analog audio outputs for connection to a videoconferencing system, audio/video recorder, sound reinforcement system, or wireless language distribution system. The DIS-CCU distributes the floor audio mix plus interpretation channels to each discussion or conference unit. Up to 8 microphones may be active simultaneously. Four different microphone operating modes are supported: Automatic, First-In/ First-On (FIFO), VOX (voice activated), and Manual. A web browser interface allows microphone control and system configuration using a computer or tablet. Separate web addresses are provided for Administrator, Chairman, and Display functions. A TCP/IP connection is provided for connection to a third-party media control system. *NOTE:As shipped, the DIS-CCU can control up to 250 DDS 5900-series discussion units and 32 interpreter units. With optional feature License FL6000 installed, the DIS-CCU can be used with either DDS 5900 discussion units or DCS 6000 conference units (but not both at the same time). Additional Feature Licenses are available to expand the system. In DDS 5900 mode, powers up to 50 microphone units and supports up to 250 units. Also supports 2 language channels.

OLED display on the front enables the user to setup basic system configurations in terms of maximum number of speakers/requests, microphone operation mode, etc.

Fully digital audio transmission of floor plus 31 interpretation channels and 8 conference microphone audio channels in a single digital bus cable structure using shielded CAT5e cables

In larger systems the EX 6010 Extension Unit, JB 6104 Junction Boxes, RP 6004 Repeater or PI-6000 Power Kit may be added to provide additional power or cabling flexibility.

2 year manufacturer’s warranty

Additional information

Weight 6.5 lbs

Product Features

  • Controls up to 250 units
  • 2 analog audio inputs
  • Up to 8 microphones open at one time
  • Auto-Off function to avoid eavesdropping
  • Supports 2 languages with 32 interpreters
  • Daisy chain loop-through cabling
  • Operation Modes: Automatic, FIFO, VOX, and Manual
  • Firmware upgrade possible via a PC
  • Low-noise built-in temperature regulated fan
  • Built-in seat table to assign names and numbers
  • Additional features available with Feature License FL6000

Ideal For

  • Conferences
  • Corporate and board meetings
  • Discussion panels
  • Diplomatic functions

Components Include

  • 1 Central Control Unit
  • 1 External Power Supply
  • 1 Terminal block for EEM connector
  • 1 USB memory stick with user manuals
  • 19-Inch Rack Mount Hardware
  • Tool for securing the GM 59xx Microphone
  • Built-in web server for device control