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Conference Delegate Microphone Systems

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Conference microphone systems with boundary push-to-talk microphones for delegates & control units for the chair are available to rent or buy.

Conference delegate microphones (also called boundary push-to-talk microphones) promote interactive discussions among conference attendees while allowing the chair to control the flow of the meeting.

Whether you are planning a small discussion group or a large meeting among hundreds of voting delegates, AudioLinks' delegate microphones offer an equipment rental solution that will greatly enhance your meeting.

Our conference delegate microphones feature:

  • elegant, state of the art design
  • excellent sound quality
  • built-in loud speakers
  • push-to-speak controls on each mic
  • microphone on light indicator
  • advanced software control

Our state of the art conference microphone systems will enhance your meeting because it is microprocessor based and features a single cable topology suitable for a broad variety of applications. The user-friendly concept ensures easy set-up and operation. The components are engineered into a compact, elegant and neutral styling ensuring a pleasant appearance when in use. The portable microphone units feature built-in high quality loudspeakers and concealed cable connections. Gooseneck microphones integrate double rubber suspended capsules ensuring acoustical isolation from tables or microphone holders, thus preventing pick-up of mechanical noise. Microphone capsules integrate a powerful red light ring providing visible indication of the actual microphone status, “on” or “off”, even in daylight or in broadcast lighting.

Microphone Systems that Enhance Conference Discussion:

Delegate Microphone System Display The basic system - for conferences, boardrooms, government offices, committee rooms, press centers, courtrooms, etc., drives up to 100 units in two chains. Up to 1000 microphones can be connected together by using up to 10 central chairman control units. The simple “daisy-chain” cable configuration makes set-up simple, easy and fast. Automatic operation with “push to speak/request” button (on/off) and furthermore “delegate off” and priority access to speak for chairman units ensures trouble free meeting sessions.

Currently Featuring:

AudioLinks is currently featuring DIS Shure conference delegate systems that enable conference participants to speak, register a request to speak and listen to the speaker.

Enhanced options:

An LCD display provides information about the basic operating modes “AUTO” or “Manual”. 1 to 6 delegates may be set for simultaneous activation. On the display you can see volume settings and system status or easily do an automatic performance test. Also the central processing or chairman control unit includes connectors for linking to external equipment such as interpretation systems, digital/analog recorders or PA systems.

Contact Us for a free consultation and rental pricing. Nationwide service is available with qualified certified on-site engineers.

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