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Classroom Audio to Buy or Rent

AudioLinks Sells and Rents Top-of-the-Line Classroom and School Audio Equipment!

Classroom audio is ideal for use in school settings and features: headsets and headphones specifically designed for student use, listening and learning centers, media players for the classroom, and PA systems ideal for schools. Audio equipment for classroom and schools is specially designed for heavy use and use by children, so it’s durable and easy to use!

Headphones and Headsets

Headsets & Headphones for Classrooms

Headsets and headphones for classrooms have special features that make them perfect for use in schools including durable construction, adjustable sizing, replaceable and/or washable hygienic earpads, and hearing safety features including maximum volume settings and noise reducing earpads.

Listening and Learning Centers

Listening and Learning Centers

A classroom learning center generally combines three components: A media player, headphones or headsets, and a hub to link multiple headsets to the media player or audio source so several students can listen in at the same time. Find a listening and learning center to improve classroom learning at AudioLinks!

Media Players and Boomboxes

Media Players & Boomboxes

Media players and boomboxes are portable systems that play a variety of media formats through self-contained speakers. Media players and boomboxes can play a wide range of media formats including cases, CDs, and MP3s. AudioLinks offers a wide selection of media players and boomboxes with additional features like being Bluetooth enabled, having recording capabilities, being wireless, and including a remote control.

Classroom PA and Sound Reinforcement

Classroom PA Systems & Sound Reinforcement

Classroom PA systems come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to fit many different tasks, from music amplification to speech reinforcement. PA systems consist of three basic components: (1) an input transducer (such as a microphone or pickup); (2) an amplifier; and (3) an output transducer (such as a loudspeaker). Classroom PA and sound reinforcement systems range from a low wattage megaphone for the playground to a high wattage podium for the auditorium. AudioLinks provides a wide selection of classroom and school PA and sound reinforcement systems so that you can find the perfect system for your needs.

AudioLinks Wired and Wireless Microphone Rentals

Classroom and School Audio Accessories

PA and sound reinforcement accessories include microphones, cards for card readers, computer peripherals, replacement parts, jackboxes, media carts, PA carts, projectors and screens, and more to meet all your classroom and school audio needs!

Classroom Audio Rentals

Classroom Audio Rental

There are a few advantages of renting rather than buying a classroom and school audio equipment, but the primary reasons are that a rental can dramatically reduce your capital outlay and that a rental eliminates the ongoing need for maintenance and storage. AudioLinks also offers audio rentals on a lease to buy option that allows you to field test equipment solutions before making a major purchase.