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Single Channel Receiver Systems

Single Channel Receiver Systems by Nady & Williams Sound

Single Channel Receiver Systems

ADA compliant single channel receiver systems provide hearing assistance for a wide range of applications. These wireless FM systems are an ideal way to provide assistive listening for schools, theaters, or walking tours of galleries and museums.

Single Channel Receiver Systems
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This basic tour guide system comes with 10 single-channel receivers!
The Williams Sound TGS PRO 737 tour guide and meeting system includes 10 personal single-channel FM receivers and a transmitter with a headband mic. Simply add extra receivers for larger groups. Headphones are sold separately. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,865
Our Price: $1,679

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Nady's 72 MHz fixed transmitter system provides hearing assistance for 4!
Nady ALD800 72 MHz FM systems can be used for small indoor or outdoor tours with up to 4 listeners. This budget-priced system consists of one fixed wireless transmitter, 4 pre-tuned portable wireless receivers and 4 earbuds. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $529.99
Map Price: $409.99
Our Price: $399.89 + shipping

Nady's single channel 72 MHz receiver is a budget-priced wireless solution!
Expand your existing Nady ALD800 basic assistive listening wireless FM system with this receiver & earbud set. This ADA compliant receiver is pre-tuned to one of 8 frequencies in the 72-76 MHz FM band. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $74.99
Our Price: $69.88 & handling

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Williams Sound PPA R37 Select FM Receiver
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Find the correct audio program with push-button ease!
The Williams Sound PPA R37 FM receiver features an easy to use volume control for individual listening comfort. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $114
Our Price: $103

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