Podiums With Battery Powered PA Systems

Podiums with PA systems by Amplivox, Anchor Audio, Oklahoma Sound, and Paso

Podium PA Systems On Sale!

AudioLink Services has taken some of its best-selling Podiums with PA Systems and put them on special.

Podiums with PA Systems
Save Up to 45% Off of List!

Podiums from AmpliVox, Oklahoma Sound, Paso Sound & Sound Craft are now available for sale. All the podiums shown below come in a wide range of wood finishes and include built-in PA systems with standard or optional batteries.

You can also see a complete list of more than 60 podiums with built-in PA systems arranged by price.

Freestanding podium with 4 speakers & a receiver for optional wireless mics!
The Oklahoma Sound 111PLS freestanding podium features wired handheld & lapel mics and a 30 Watt amp with four 8-inch speakers for maximum coverage of small auditoriums. A built-in receiver allows connection of optional wireless mics! Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,077.80
Our Price: $579.79 + shipping

This 40 Watt freestanding podium stands out with a high efficiency speaker!
The 40 Watt Paso LEKTRON powered podium features a wired unidirectional mic as well as inputs for a second mic and an optional media player. The LEKTRON is a self-contained PA system delivering superb sound! Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,016
Our Price: $689.99 + shipping

Freestanding podium with a theft-deterrent bracket to protect its 50 Watt amp!
The Amplivox S355 Elite podium features a 24 X 14 inch work surface with a book stop. It comes with a 50 Watt amplifier capable of reaching small to mid-size crowds, a full-range Jensen speaker, and a wired handheld mic. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,269.45
Our Price: $787.28 + shipping

The 40 Watt Orator features a built in receiver for optional wireless mics!
Oklahoma Sound's Orator podium has a spacious reading surface, a built-in timepiece and a brass reading lamp. It includes wired handheld & lavaliere condenser mics and upgrades to wireless with an optional additional wireless mic. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,443.90
Our Price: $799.99 + shipping

This radius-style mahogany freestanding podium houses a 50 Watt PA system!
The 50 Watt Amplivox Presidential Plus S450 podium includes a wired handheld mic, plus two full-range Jensen speakers. This podium features two large shelves with ample space for notes, equipment, a briefcase or accessories. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,331.40
Our Price: $881.99 + shipping

Amplivox Freestanding Podium with 50 Watt PA
Save More Than 40% Off List!

This height-adjustible podium has a built-in 50 Watt PA with a wired mic!
The Amplivox S505A Executive Sound Column lectern is a self-contained portable lectern with a built-in PA system packed with high end features and designed for a multi-user environment. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,636.80
Our Price: $989.77 + shipping

The SW3250 comes with a wired mic and two wireless headset & lapel mics!
The Pinnacle includes a 50 Watt powered wireless speaker with a built-in wireless receiver for included slapel and headband mics. It is made with a polyethylene shell that holds up to tough use. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $2,418.15
Our Price: $1,616.99 + shipping

The 50 Watt Chancellor includes a mic & a built-in Jensen 4-speaker system!
The Amplivox Chancellor freestanding lectern includes a 50 Watt 4 speaker PA, a wired handheld mic, and line in/out jacks. It is made from the finest plain sliced quality veneer and solid wood. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $2,770.95
Our Price: $1,763.98 + shipping

The solid hardwood radius-styled Victoria podium includes a 50 Watt PA & mic!
The SS3020 adjusts to be a reading table in the normal tilted position for speaking notes, or the flat position to better accommodate your laptop or other equipment. Lift the top for convenient storage of papers and accessories. Click to CONTINUE >>

TopList Price: $4,117.05
Our Price: $2,809.78 + shipping

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