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Pocketalkers & Personal Amplifiers

Personal Amplification Systems by Williams Sound & Listen Technologies

Williams Sound PKTD1H26 Pocketalker Ultra System

AudioLinks is an authorized dealer of ADA compliant personal amplification systems by Williams Sound and Listen Technologies. These systems include the Williams Sound Pocketalker and Motiva systems. These featured assistive listening devices provide high-quality performance for the hearing impaired.

Pocketalkers & Personal Amplifiers
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  • Enhances your hearing, whenever and wherever you need it
  • Cuts out background noise to help you hear only what you want to hear
  • Sleek, modern design for discreteness

Never get left out of another conversation again!

Williams Sound's Pocketalkers and other personal amplification systems are a convenient and affordable way to enhance your hearing ability whenever and wherever you need it. Use the Pocketalker while sharing a meal at your kitchen table, riding in a car with your friends, or while watching television with your family. They can be worn with a variety of different headsets or neckloop receivers which are compatible with hearing aids.

AudioLinks believes every voice deserves to be heard, and is offering great discounts on Williams Sound Pocketalkers and personal amplifiers.

This Pocketalker system includes headphones for better sound isolation!
The Williams Sound Pocketalker Pro amplifies nearby sound sources for the mildly hearing impaired. The system includes a Williams Sound earbud, a 3 foot TV listening cord, and deluxe folding headphones with comfortable foam earpads for superior sound isolation. Click to CONTINUE >>

BestList Price: $184
Our Price: $119

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Williams Sound Pocketalker Pro System
Save More Than 30% Off List!

Pocketalker Pro features extra-sturdy construction & a case!
The Pocketalker Pro not only delivers the extraordinary sound quality of the Pocketalker Ultra, but also features extra-sturdy construction and comes with a handy carry-case plus a separate belt-clip case. You also get 2 AA batteries, an extension cord for TV listening, and the sensitive Williams Sound microphone with volume control. Monaural headsets or neckloops are sold separately. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $173
Our Price: $119

This item ships FREE!

Pocketalker Ultra PKTD1-0 is an ultra-portable amplifier to improve hearing!
The Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra is built around a high quality ADA-compliant amplifier with volume control. The Ultra fits in the palm of your hand and runs on 2 AAA batteries! This package includes a microphone, batteries, a TV cord to connect to your TV set, and a lanyard for easy transport. Monaural headsets or neckloops (for hearing aids) are available separately. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $169.50
Our Price: $119

This item ships FREE!

The Pocketalker Ultra PKTD10 plus earclip that works with either ear!
The Williams Sound PKTD1E22 includes all the components of the Pocketalker Ultra plus the compatible Williams Sound deluxe earclip pictured here. The EAR 022 surround earclip is lightweight, simply constructed and will hang on either ear. Moreover, it does not enter the ear canal and is easy to clean with an alcohol wipe. Click to CONTINUE >>

FreeList Price: $184
Map Price: $143
Our Price: $129.99

This item ships FREE!

Pocketalker Pro package including rear-wear, relaxed-fit headphones!
The Williams Sound PKTPR026 includes all the components of the Pocketalker Pro plus the compatible rear-wear headphones pictured here. The HED026 is designed to be worn behind the head rather than over the top of the head for a more relaxed and unobtrusive fit. (It also won't mess up your hair.) Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $197.50
Map Price: $150
Our Price: Call For Better Price & Specials

Pocketalker Pro package including a neckloop for hearing aid users!
The Williams Sound PKTPRONKL includes all the components of the Pocketalker Pro plus the compatible Williams Sound NKL001 neckloop pictured here. The neckloop works with telecoil-equipped hearing aids to amplify sound without the use of additional headsets or in-ear devices. All this at a great discounted price! Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $214
Map Price: $180
Our Price: Call For Better Price & Specials

This item ships FREE!

Listen Technologies Personal Amplification System
ADA Compliant Assistive Listening Device!

Listen's system amplifies distant sources with a remote mic & transmitter!
The Listen Technologies LS05072 system is a portable wireless listening system that allows listeners to reduce background noise and amplify what they want to hear. The included transmitter & mic are clipped onto the person speaking or near the desired sound source. With a range of up to 150 feet, it will work anywhere from conference rooms to auditoriums. Click to CONTINUE >>