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Multi Channel Receiver Systems

Multi Channel Receiver Systems by Listen Technologies and Williams Sound

These Portable wireless Multi Channel Receiver Systems provide quality performance for both tour leaders and audience members.

Tour Guide Systems On Sale
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AudioLink is currently offering extraordinary discounts on Listen and Williams Sound receiver systems. Volume discounts are available system purchases.

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Williams Sound 8 Channel 72 MHz FM Receiver
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This ADA compliant wireless receiver is a cost-effective FM solution!
The Williams Sound PPA R358N receiver includes adjustable volume control and a belt clip for hands-free use. You can select from among 8 channels that are being broadcast simultaneously. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $159.50
Map Price: $144
Our Price: $119.99

This item ships FREE!

Listen receiver offers 57 channels to reduce interference!
The Listen Tech LR500 FM receiver is a 216 MHz wireless FM receiver & is ideal for environments that require you to switch channels to reduce interference. AudioLink also offers the Listen Tech LR500-72, which operates in the 72 MHz FM band. Click to CONTINUE >>

FreeList Price: $209
Map Price: $209
Our Price: Call For Better Price & Specials

This item ships FREE!

Enjoy digital reception at an affordable price!
Not every member of your group needs to talk back! Start off your Digi-Wave system the affordable way with a 1-way receiver that reproduces transmissions in digital clarity. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $209
Map Price: $188
Our Price: $119.99 + shipping

Add 2-way functionality to your Digi-Wave system!
The Williams Sound refurbished DLT100 transceiver not only receives audio from other Digi-Wave transceivers, but also becomes a transmitter at the push of a button- enabling 2-way communication for tour groups and audiences! Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $524
Map Price: $446
Our Price: $299.99 + shipping

ADA compliant fixed transmitter system with 4 receivers and a charging case!
The Listen Tech Advanced fixed transmitter system has a charging case for 4 wireless receivers that can be programmed to choose from channels in the 72 MHz operating range. It's ideal for board and training meetings, overflow areas and outdoor events. This system is also available in the 216MHz range for reduced interference. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $2,017.96
Map Price: $2,017.96
Our Price: Call For Better Price & Specials

Portable wireless system with 10 8-channel receivers!
Williams Sound Hearing Helper Tour Guide System is a portable transmitter system using the 72 MHz FM band. Each receiver are user-tunable to one of 8 different frequencies for maximum versatility. Headphones sold separately. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $2,329
Our Price: $1,689.99

This item ships FREE!

Broadcast to 20 receivers at 863 MHz for European guided tours!
Williams Sound's Whisper Tour Guide System is a multi-channel FM system for guided tours, language interpretation and hearing assistance applications for up to 20 listeners. Due to FCC restrictions on the 863 MHz band, this system is suitable for European use only. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $3,830
Map Price: $3,830
Our Price: $2,799.99 + shipping

DWS-TGS VIP 12-Transceiver 2-Way Tour System
Save More Than 10% Off List!

Transform tours into group discussions with this full-featured 2-way system!
The Digi-Wave 12-person discussion system provides 12 2-way transceivers to allow full interactive communication between tour members. High-tech auto-seek digital tuning technology gives clear reception without the need to adjust tuning controls. Click to CONTINUE >>

TopList Price: $7,959
Our Price: $7,163 + shipping

AudioLinks' Deluxe TGS multichannel tour guide & meeting system with 8 receivers & 2 transmitters for simultaneous broadcasting in 2 channels. This multichannel tour guide system is loaded with special features and brought to you exclusively by AudioLinks at a GREAT price! The AudioLinks Deluxe TGS tour guide & meeting system is a true multichannel system with a pair of tunable... Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $2,940
Our Price: $1,999.99 + shipping