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Classroom PA Systems

Classroom PA systems for schools

classroom PA systems on sale! has taken some of its best selling classroom PA systems and put them on special. These featured classroom PA systems provide quality performance at reduced prices.

Classroom PA Systems On Sale
Save Up To 55% Off List!

AudioLink is currently offering extraordinary discounts on Califone, Amplivox, Nady, Oklahoma Sound and Hamilton classroom PA systems.

Examine our full line of classroom & personal PA systems and other PA systems as well as PA system accessories. See more classroom A/V.

AudioLink's SideKick offers handsfree operation at a friendly price!
AudioLink's own SideKick 5 Watt mini PA system raises your voice in small classrooms without straining your vocal cords. With a waistband amplifier, long battery life, and a handsfree headband mic, the SideKick is ideal for classroom or office use. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $89.55
Our Price: $39.99 + shipping & handling

This classroom PA system has a 9V rechargeable battery for 5 hours of power! This Audio2000 mini PA system's rechargeable battery offers hours of portable use! With a built-in wireless receiver, bodypack transmitter, 2 hands-free microphones and a carrying bag, the AWP6040B-M is a portable, budget-friendly wireless solution. Click to CONTINUE >>

FreeList Price: $115
Our Price: $99.99 & handling

This item ships FREE!

The Pro BeltBlaster combines portability and handsfree wireless capabilities!
The Amplivox Pro BeltBlaster features handsfree wireless mics for full flexibility with your presentations. It's also waistband mountable to offer maximum portability for classrooms & small groups on the go! Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $228.90
Our Price: $164.31 + shipping

The Califone 10 Watt PA is a wireless solution for classrooms & field trips!
The Pro PA10B features a lightweight design & long battery life for portability, but it's powerful enough to project the voice for up to 150 people. A wireless lapel mic makes the PA10B an ideal solution for student tours. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $382
Our Price: $249.98 + shipping

The MityVox has rechargeable batteries for 30 hours of continuous operation!
This 20 Watt Amplivox SW212 MityVox features a wireless handheld microphone with inputs for an additional optional wired mic and media players. The MityVox even has a convenient storage compartment to store mics and cables. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $552.30
Our Price: $317.93 + shipping

Paso Sound Classroom Lectern PA System
Save More Than 35% Off List!

Paso Sound's 25 Watt lectern has a modern design & removable mic!
This Paso tabletop lectern includes a removable wired unidirectional mic with a 15 foot cord. The Paso Lektron provides sound reinforcement in medium classrooms & small auditoriums. Choose from a walnut or maple finish. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $818
Our Price: $499.99 + shipping

AmpliVox AmpliPod is a 50 Watt stereo PA for halls or large classrooms!
This AmpliVox tabletop lectern features two built-in Jensen speakers & 50 Watts of power for coverage of large classrooms. Upgrade the AmpliPod to a multimedia system with optional factory installed media players! Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $967.05
Our Price: $595.86 + shipping

Califone Installed Infrared PA System
Save More Than 35% Off List!

Califone's IR PA puts clear sound in every corner of your auditorium!
This Califone infrared wireless presentation system combines the freedom of motion offered by lavaliere wireless mics & a pair of revolutionary array loudspeakers that produce targeted sound beams for complete audio coverage. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,040
Our Price: $639.99 + shipping

This AmpliVox 50 Watt AmpliPod Lectern features 3 microphones!
This model of the AmpliVox AmpliPod includes all the features of the SS124 plus two wireless mics (in addition to a handheld cardioid mic). You can use all 3 microphones simultaneously. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,342.95
Our Price: $815.83 + shipping