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Large Portable PA Systems

Portable PA Systems - Large Area / Paso Twin Classic Pro UHF PA System Package

AudioLink Services is currently offering extraordinary discounts on
Portable PA Systems for large venues.

Large PA Systems has taken its best selling portable PA systems for large venues and put them on special. Audiolink's featured large area portable
PA systems are drawn from the finest manufacturers in the pro-audio PA industry.

You can also read our review of PA systems for large venues and/or examine our full line of large portable PA systems , other PA systems and PA system accessories .

Samson XP308i PA System Plus Mic & Stands
Save More Than 45% Off List!

Add stands & a wired mic to upgrade your XP308i to a full-featured PA!
Add a wired microphone and Samson speaker stands to the XP308i & create a full stereo PA system with 4 mono & 2 stereo inputs! A built-in iPod dock allows connection of the world's most popular media player. Click to CONTINUE >>

BestList Price: $914.97
Our Price: $499.99 + shipping

Paso WPSS150M 150 Watt Large Area PA
Save More Than 30% Off List!

Start your PA system with this upgradeable 150-Watt powered speaker!
Use this speaker by itself, or customize your system with optional powered Paso speakers to fill even larger venues. Includes 4 module bays to allow the addition of up to 4 wireless mics for simultaneous use, or any combination of UHF receivers and modular media players. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,538
Our Price: $1,078.88 + shipping

The 250 Watt Amplivox SW915 features a built-in CD player with pitch control, a 10 channel internal UHF wireless receiver (paired with a lapel microphone and transmitter), and a full function remote control. A telescoping handle, heavy duty wheels and tripod mount make it easily portable. When media players such as iPod's and MP3 players are used in conjunction with mics, sound is lowered automatically when someone is speaking for optimal clarity. Plug it in for AC Power or use the rechargeable batteries good for up to 10 hours. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $2,628
Our Price: $1,658.89 + shipping

Fender Passport 500PRO Deluxe Plus PA System
Save More Than 30% Off List!

4 wireless mics with 100-channel true diversity receivers maximize portability!
Virtually eliminate interference with 2 100-channel true-diversity wireless receivers! The fully-loaded 500 Watt 500PRO Deluxe Plus stereo PA system includes 8 inputs, 2 wired microphones, & 4 wireless mics! Click to CONTINUE >>

TopList Price: $3,241.96
Our Price: $2,199.88 + shipping

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