FM and Infrared (IR) Wireless: What’s the Difference?

January 19, 2016 | Leave a comment

To begin with, just what does FM wireless mean?

For starters, FM is one type of radio frequency transmission.

Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary tells us that radio frequency (RF) is a frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum within which radio waves may be transmitted, from about 3 kilohertz to about 300,000 megahertz. Read on to find out more!

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7 Solutions to Common Wireless Microphone Problems for Event Planners

April 17, 2014 | Leave a comment

7 Solutions to Common Wireless Microphones for Event Planners on AudioLinks Blog

Wireless microphones are a favorite standby for event and meeting planners.

As an event planner, you’re likely aware of the many benefits that wireless microphones offer.

Wireless microphones offer superior mobility for your presenters, help reduce stage clutter and tripping hazards, are incredibly easy to use, and come in a variety of configurations, including options for handheld or hands-free microphones, as well as microphone packages and conferencing systems.

Although they have many perks, wireless microphones also come with a range of potential problems that can have a negative impact on the success of your event.

Here are 7 common wireless microphone problems that event planners run into, with our 7 solutions to make sure they won’t derail your next event.

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Personal Amplifiers Help Kids Hear Better in School

September 16, 2011 | Leave a comment

Hearing assistance devices can keep hearing impaired students on top of their schoolwork by reducing unwanted background noise and amplifying the teacher’s voice. Learn more about 2 portable personal systems that will help students make the grade!

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3 FM Receivers for 3 Assisted Hearing Applications

May 18, 2011 | Leave a comment

FM receivers for assisted hearing and tour guide systems come in a variety of configurations with differing features.

Each one of these FM receivers is better suited for a different application.

How do you know which receiver is ideal for you?

Read on and learn more about 3 different FM receivers and how they fit 3 common hearing assistance applications!

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VHF vs. UHF: What Wireless FM System Is Ideal for You?

May 3, 2011 | Leave a comment

If you’re in the market for a wireless microphone (or assisted hearing system), chances are you’ve checked out both VHF and UHF models.

And, chances are, you’ve noticed some key differences: Not the least of them being price.

What’s the difference between VHF and UHF wireless systems, and which is the ideal choice for you?

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How To Save Your Voice & Help Kids Learn

September 14, 2010 | Leave a comment

Teachers agree: Not only do kids learn better with classroom amplification systems, but also they give instructors’ voices a much-needed break!

But a PA system can only reach students without hearing loss. How can students with mild hearing impairment hear your lessons too?

Here’s how an ADA compliant wireless assistive listening system can further extend the sound of your voice, and help all your students make the grade.

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How Assistive Listening Systems Enhance Worship for Everyone

June 15, 2010 | Leave a comment

The right assistive listening system for your place of worship will fulfill ADA regulations requiring hearing assistance at public gatherings. Assistive listening devices also enhance your congregation’s experience by making religious services and group activities accessible to everyone!

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Clearing the Air About RF & IR Wireless

April 6, 2010 | Leave a comment

With all the different types of hearing assistance products available, it’s easy to get confused about which type is right for your particular needs.

What’s the difference between hearing assistance systems transmitting on FM and IR frequencies- and which one is right for you?

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