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AudioLinks Sells and Rents Top-of-the-Line Assistive Listening Devices and Systems!

Find personal amplifiers and public systems for assistive listening. Assistive listen devices improve communication and understanding and can be used with or without hearing aids. All assistive listening devices from AudioLinks are ADA compliant and FCC approved.
Our assistive listening systems can be purchased or rented with a variety of optional headphones, microphones, earphones, batteries and chargers – allowing us to help you configure an assistive listening system that best meets your needs.

Pocketalkers & Personal Amplifiers

Pocketalkers & Personal Amplifiers

A personal amplifier is a portable assistive listening device that amplifies voices and other sounds. A personal amplifier includes a small amplifier (often carried in a shirt pocket) and uses an attached mic to pick up sounds close to the listener, which are then boosted and played through an attached headset or earbud. With this type of assistive listening device, tone and volume are fully adjustable to compensate for the degree and frequency range of the user’s hearing loss.

Public Systems for Assistive Listening

Public Systems for Assistive Listening

Public systems for assistive listening can have major benefits for meetings, presentations, tours, lectures and any other event where audio needs to be clearly audible for all audience members and event attendees. ADA-compliant listening systems are required in many public spaces, but even public spaces which are exempt from ADA compliance can benefit from ADA compliant assistive listening devices through increased attendance and comprehension. Find the public system for assistive listening that is best for you at AudioLinks, featuring infrared systems and systems using radio frequency.

Stationary Transmitters

Stationary Transmitters for Public Assistive Listening Systems

Stationary transmitters for public assistive listening systems allow the broadcast of live or pre-recorded audio to compatible receivers. Audiolinks offers stationary transmitters both using infrared technology and radio frequency transmission from a variety of manufacturers. Whether you are looking to replace an old transmitter, add an additional transmitter to your public assistive listening system, or build a public assistive listening system from scratch, AudioLinks has the solution for you!

Assistive Listening Receivers

Receivers for Public Assistive Listening Systems

Receivers for public assistive listening systems enable your listeners to pick up audio from a compatible transmitter. Public assistive listening receivers are designed to be small, light-weight and portable so that they are easy for a listener to hold, clip onto a belt, or put in a pocket. Receivers can use infrared or radio frequency and can be multi or single-channel. Build your perfect public assistive listening system from scratch or add receivers to your current public assistive listening package to expand your system for more listeners and more functionality!

Assistive Listening Accessories

Assistive Listening System Accessories

Accessories for assistive listening devices include microphones, headsets and headphones, cases, chargers, neckloops, cables, replacement parts, and anything else you might need to build a perfect assistive listening package!

Assistive Listening Rentals

Assistive Listening System Rentals

There are a few advantages of renting rather than buying an assistive listening system, but the primary reasons are that a rental can dramatically reduce your capital outlay and that a rental eliminates the ongoing need for maintenance and storage.

AudioLinks also offers audio rentals on a lease to buy option that allows you to field test equipment solutions before making a major purchase.
The AudioLinks technical staff can recommend customized solutions for virtually any assistive listening need, no matter how large or small. AudioLinks has provided superior conference services and A/V equipment for more than two decades and continues to serve corporate, non-profit and government clientele both in North and South America, Europe and Asia.