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Wired & Wireless Microphones for DJs

DJ Equipment

Wired Microphones, Wireless Microphones & Wireless Microphone Systems that do the deed for DJs

Microphones are an important and often overlooked piece of DJ equipment.

DJs need microphones to run a wide range of events – proms, parties, corporate events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, family reunions – in fact any gig that requires speech over music. Whether it is best man’s toast for the groom or a crooning cat who dreams of Karaoke fame, a good mic can seal the deal.

Wired Microphones

Every DJ should own a failsafe handheld wired cardioid microphone to plug directly into their sound system. Most DJs prefer wired microphones with a cardioid polar pattern because they pick up sound primarily from one direction and are optimized for live performance use. Moreover, a good wired microphone can overcome unexpected interference that can hinder wireless transmission.

A good wired microphone, unlike many products, is an investment that can last for years. In fact, classic designs from fifty years ago are still in vogue. For example, consider the all-time classic solution, the Shure Dynamic Vocal Mic.

Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphones Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphones

Shure SM58 performance vocal microphones are the standard tour and venue workhorses. Renowned for both highly accurate frequency pickup they equally prized for their ability to withstand normal abuse (which in the working world of DJs can be all too common). The Shure dynamic vocal microphone features a highly Buy Now effective, built-in spherical filter for reducing ‘pop’ noises and proximity effect, as well as a brightened midrange and bass roll off. Shure SM58 microphones will reliably deliver amazing sound night after night and spin after spin. Learn MORE >>

Two other classic wired handheld microphones are the Sennheiser E835 and the AKG D3700M.

Sennheiser E835 Handheld Vocal MicrophonesSennheiser E835 Handheld Vocal Microphones

Sennheiser E835 microphones are rugged dynamic cardioid microphones designed specifically for onstage lead and backup vocalists. These Sennheiser microphones provideBuy Now uniform frequency pickup so signal quality is maintained in both on and off-axis positions. A gentle presence boost evens the tonal response to ensure clarity and projection. Proximity effect is also minimized, providing clear and undistorted bass, even when singing close to the mic capsule. Learn MORE >>

AKG D3700M Dynamic Vocal MicrophonesAKG D3700M Dynamic Vocal Microphones

AKG D3700M vocal microphones are amazingly well constructed and versatile dynamic vocal mics specially made for the most demanding performance applications. These microphones feature AKG’s patented Varimotion technology diaphragm. This double suspended diaphragm provides Buy Now significant suppression of mechanical and handling noises. A hum suppression coil is also installed to reduce external interference. The AKG D3700M microphones were designed with performers in mind and feature an ergonomically optimized triangular handle in addition to the capability to operate with or without wires. Learn MORE >>

Wireless Microphones

Wired microphones are nice, reliable back-ups (and great to hand to the best man for his toast), but most DJs use a wireless headset microphone as their personal mic of choice.

In fact, now that the sound quality and reliability of wireless microphones have increased and prices have come down, wireless microphone systems have become very popular in the spinning set – even wireless handheld microphones.

In general, wireless microphones allow a DJ to play master of ceremony and walk among the audience. In particular, wireless headset microphones allow hands-free operation of the platters and discs – allowing a DJ to mix and scratch while speaking. To maximize flexibility and control costs you may want to purchase a wireless microphone system with two or more microphones – one for you and one or more for your special guests.

AKG WMS40D/HT/HT Pro Dual Wireless Mic SystemsAKG Pro Dual Wireless Stage Microphone Systems

AKG WMS40D/HT/HT Pro Dual wireless stage microphone systems are a cost effective solution for accommodating multiple singers or presenters. AKG stage microphones are highBuy Now quality multifunctional performance tools designed for reliable use night after night. AKG handheld stage microphone systems feature Unique HDAP (High Definition Audio Performance) technology to ensure the best possible, realistic sound at any time. This microphone system is also available with differing mic configurations suitable for a variety of needs. Learn MORE >>

Sennheiser EW152G2 Wireless Headset Microphone SystemsSennheiser Wireless Headset Microphone Systems

Sennheiser EW152G2 hands-free wireless headset microphone systems include a ME3 head-worn microphone, a half-rack diversity receiver and a body-pack transmitter. The Buy NowSennheiser ME3 headset microphone features a super-cardioid condenser design that offers excellent feedback rejection and reduced proximity effect. Sennheiser wireless head-worn microphones are comfortable, stay firmly in place and are intended for music and entertainment applications that require movement and flexibility. Learn MORE >>

Shure PGX14/WH20 UHF Wireless Headset Microphone SystemsShure PGX14 UHF Wireless Headset Microphone Systems

Shure PGX14/WH20 UHF wireless headset microphone systems provide hands-free operation and superior sound quality. Buy NowThese wireless microphone systems feature a rugged, lightweight headset dynamic microphone that provides a comfortable and secure fit along with high quality voice pickup. Shure headset microphone systems allow you to perform with confidence and include innovative setup features, exceptional wireless clarity and legendary Shure quality. Learn MORE >>

Microphones with USB Connectors

Have you noticed that a lot of the DJ equipment that has been coming out recently has USB capability? USB (Universal Serial Bus) connections offer a wide range of possibilities for attaching microphones to CD decks and computers quickly and easily.

Even if you don’t as yet think of yourself as a Digital DJ, microphones with USB capability are worth the investment. As time goes on more and more DJs will make the move to digital: not only is digital equipment simple to use and transport, but also it is faster to operate once you are used to it. USB capable microphones can be plugged into any computer with no in/out boxes or expensive computer pre-amps – just a USB cable. These microphones immediately solve a huge problem for DJs who have laptops, many of which have no other input method for audio devices.

USB microphones are truly ideal for any DJ or musician on the road or in the project studio. These microphones are also ideal for Podcasts and for adding audio files to websites.

Two of our favorite USB microphones are the Samson CO3U USB microphone and the Sennheiser HHB FlashMic USB microphone described in more detail below:

Samson C03U USB MicrophonesSamson C03U USB Microphones

Samson C03U USB microphones automatically turn incoming audio signals to computer readable data and provide a high-quality, integrated option for digital recording. These Buy Noweconomical hybrid microphones have the ability to switch between 3 pick-up patterns, omni, cardioid and figure-8. Samson C03U microphones are ideal for a variety of specialized recording situations including vocals, acoustic instruments, ambient room miking and even group recording for a Podcast and will help a DJ expand his or her opportunities to earn money from new opportunities. Learn MORE >>

HHB DRM85 FlashMic USB MicrophonesHHB DRM85 FlashMic USB Microphones

HHB FlashMic USB microphones are the world’s first professional digital recording mics. These high end wireless microphones were designed for all kinds of vocal recording, from live DJing to TV reporting and recording in either linear or MPEG 2 formats. The included Buy Nowsoftware feature a simple high speed ‘drag and drop’ file transfer enabled by a ‘plug and play’ USB connection. These microphones combine a premium Sennheiser omnidirectional or cardioid condenser capsule with a built-in, broadcast quality Flash recorder. Learn MORE >>

A good microphone will pay for itself many times over in peace of mind and in expanding a DJs repertoire of saleable services.

To summarize, we recommend at least two reliable microphones – one wireless headset microphone and one handheld mic – as basic equipment for any professional DJ who wants to make the most out of his or her spinning skills.

And of course, check out the rest of our DJ equipment, including digital DJ equipment and DJ outboard gear.

Call or email us if you have any questions about which microphones are right for you.

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