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Need an Affordable Classroom Teaching Tool?

Cassette Tape Recorders & Players Provide Audio That Fits Your Budget!

Cassette tape players and tape recorders are relatively inexpensive solutions to modern classroom teaching.Cassette Player/Recorders like the Califone CAS 1500

They feature amplifiers and speakers to deliver sound to moderately sized groups of listeners in contained venues such as classrooms.

Many cassette players come with remote and/or built-in microphones to record individual lesson plans or student responses. This feature allows users to document spoken responses or presentations for future review, and makes them ideal for classroom applications – especially repetitive drills for language learning or other interactive lessons.

Tape cassette players and recorders have also evolved features such as multiple headphone jacks to allow them to function as learning centers for private customized instruction.

Cassette tape players and recorders are budget-friendly choices for schools or libraries who want to utilize an existing catalog of cassette tapes without the added expense of upgrading to CDs or other media.

Consider these 3 questions when choosing a cassette player/recorder that’s ideal for your classroom.

1. Is the cassette player loud enough?

The amplifier of a cassette tape player powers the built-in speakers. Be sure it is powerful enough to cover your classroom.

This means you need to choose the correct Wattage for your cassette tape player.

For small classrooms with no acoustic challenges a 1 or 2 Watt cassette tape player should suffice.

For larger classes or spaces consider getting a higher Wattage. If you’re unsure, it’s better to opt for too much power rather than too little.

Please note that most cassette tape players play audio with a single speaker, and are not able to adequately recreate the full-frequency ranges required for music reproduction.

If your curriculum includes music, consider purchasing a stereo multimedia boombox that plays music cassettes rather than a machine which is more suitable for speech.

Also, to evenly distribute sound in large classrooms, or for situations where the cassette player isn’t at the front of the room, directional speakers or companion speakers can project sound more effectively.

Cassette Player/Recorders like the Hamilton HA8022. Will the cassette tape player be used in a listening center?

For small group study, it’s a good idea to have a classroom listening center with multiple headphone stations. Expandability into a full listening center is a key feature of many cassette tape players and recorders.

Listening centers consist of 3 elements: a media player, a hub with multiple headphone jacks to distribute audio signals, and headphones.

Some cassette tape players feature built-in multiple headphone jacks (or even infrared wireless transmission) to allow connection with multiple headphones.

If your cassette tape player does not feature multiple headphone jacks, you will need a jackbox. Most cassette tape players feature output jacks to connect jackboxes to expand the number of headphone listeners.

In either case, to create a listening center you will also have to buy and connect your cassette tape player to compatible headphones.

3. What other features are important in your cassette player?

Some models include inputs for optional microphones to amplify the teacher’s voice or to allow talkover narration for an audio program. This feature can help save the teacher’s voice during long lessons.

Consider the materials you want to present to your class, and where you will use your cassette tape player. You may find the following common features useful in your classroom:

  • variable speed playback for interactive language studies and repetitive drills
  • output jacks for companion speakers or PA system connection to cover large classrooms
  • battery operation to allow use away from electrical outlets

One final note: If you’re recording audio with your cassette tape recorder, be sure to have plenty of cassettes. Most audio manufacturers recommend recording with blank cassette tapes no longer than 60 minutes to prevent excess stretching and damage of the media.

Cassette tape players and recorders are affordable AV teaching aids

Whether you’re teaching language skills or recording student presentations, there is a wide variety of cassette tape players that will fit your classroom! And by choosing only the features you need, you’re sure to find a cassette tape player that fits your budget.

AudioLink offers a full line of cassette players and recorders and other multimedia players, as well as fully-loaded classroom listening centers including headphones and jackboxes.

If you still have questions about cassette tape players and recorders or other classroom A/V equipment, call 1-800-263-0112 or email AudioLink’s trained staff of experts for more sound advice!