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8 Steps to a Home Studio that Fits Your Recording Space and Budget
May 28, 2009

Your home studio can unlock the door to a universe of creative possibility.

8 Steps to a Home Studio that Fits Your Recording Space and BudgetStudio Man offers some suggestions on building a fun and functional home studio - even on a limited budget in a space-challenged home. 

Take it away Studio Man...

Studio Man at Home

I have good news for our readers, clients, and guests: aspiring musicians and recording enthusiasts have finally come into their own.

Twenty years ago, laying down great sounding tracks
meant an intimidating trip to a pro recording studio.

Even those who had the space to build their own home studio in the garage (or rehearsal space, or loft, or spare bedroom) would find themselves raiding their retirement savings for the money.

Fast forward to today: digital technology has shrunk prices and rack footprints. 24 bit resolution is now commonplace; and memory capacity has greatly expanded. The result is a revolution in home recording that's taken down a lot of pro studios and led to a flood of great music from the world's living rooms.

Your own home studio is easily in reach with 8 simple steps. Click to continue

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