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schools, museums and non-profit institutions

School & Classroom learning systems School & Classroom PA Systems tour guide systems for corporate meetings

Learning Centers
Classroom learning centers promote education in an interactive multimedia environment using both pictures and sounds.

PA Systems
AudioLinks offers PA systems suitable for venues ranging from classrooms to auditoriums to outdoor athletic fields.
Tour Guide Systems
AudioLinks ADA compliant tour guide systems are ideal for school field trips, campus tours, museum groups or classes.

Audio Equipment for Learning Centers, Classrooms, Tours, & Auditoriums

Effective communication in the classroom, on campus, or in an exhibit hall often suffers from poor acoustics.

Moreover, classroom audio problems can be compounded by a students' hearing impairment. AudioLinks offers a number of classroom A/V solutions that address these needs with pro-audio equipment and multimedia learning systems.

Museums in particular require acoustic solutions that are highly mobile and user-friendly. AudioLinks offers, for sale or rental, a wide variety of portable tour guide systems that are ideal for public venues.

PA systemsEducators can rent or purchase PA systems for classrooms, auditoriums, and even athletic fields from such well-known manufacturers as Anchor, Califone, Fender and Nady. The Califone 300 UHF-PL, for example, is a small area PA system which comes complete with wireless mic, speaker stand, remote control and carrying cases at a price that is hard to beat.

Mid-range PA systems, for 50 to 500 persons, are currently available for just a few hundred dollars. Larger spaces, such as auditoriums or athletic fields may best be covered by large area PA systems such as the Fender Passport Deluxe 250 (now on special) or the Anchor Audio Liberty or Xtreme PA's. Traditional megaphones and hand held PA systems are also available for purchase.

tour guide systems for corporate meetings Outside the classroom, portable wireless FM systems are ADA compliant solutions which allow for maximum mobility. Whether you are conducting a campus tour for prospective students or touring a museum facility, these highly reliable wireless systems are worthy additions to your A/V inventory. Available in discounted, pre-packaged sets, AudioLinks also sells individual receivers, transmitters and accessories.

School & Classroom learning systemsClassroom learning centers include options for durable, high quality stereo headphones, dual tape cassette and CD players, remote control, and multiple frequency transmitters and receivers that allow personalized learning. Card reading systems that are effective classroom aids for phonic based reading programs are also available. Schools may purchase the classroom learning centers or classroom card reading systems in whole, or in part, through our catalog. Boomboxes, card sets, jack boxes, and headphones are all available separately.

Other products available for your classroom or educational institution include conference furnishings such as podiums, lecterns, equipment racks and stands. AudioLinks also provides security and safety equipment ranging from megaphones and security wands to ADA compliant Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs). Musical instruments for the classroom or school and related musical instructional material can be purchased through our catalog for guitars and other instruments.

Purchase OrdersAudioLinks welcomes purchase orders from qualified educational institutions, including museums and historical sites. We look forward to being of service.

You may also be interested in our rental options for large meetings and events. AudioLinks also provides professional audio engineers for complex events.

Call 1-800-263-0112 to learn more or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with our current specials and product reviews.

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