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Production Intercom Systems

Using I.F.B. or Interruptible Fold Back in the PI intercom system with the AS100 to facilitate communication at a live sporting event.

Production Intercom AS100 broadcaster's announce and communications stationKim P. inquires:

I am researching Production Intercom.

I am producing some live high school football games. I have 9 people on the intercom system, including 2 talent in the booth and 2 talent on the field.  At the moment I have Production Intercom beltpacks for camera operators and 2 AS-100s for the talent.  I am not able to get an IFB to the AS-100s.  Also I need an IFB receiver for the talent on the field.

AudioMan answers:

For those not familiar with IFB let me explain how this relates to intercoms.

Interruptible Fold Back Systems (sometimes called Interruptible Feedback Systems) are used for talent cueing and crew communications to monitor and coordinate program audio during a live broadcast. The IFB is a circuit and/or software in an intercom system that allows a director or producer to cut-in on a feed to a specific receiver.

Production Intercom TR-1 miniature wireless IFB talent receivers If the IFB communications are originating in the studio or on a remote truck, a feed needs to be run to the IFB input XLR jack on the rear of the Production Intercom AS100 broadcaster's station.  If the IFB is originating in the booth, this connection is not necessary.

Production Intercom SMH310 single muff intercom headsetThe talent should to be equipped with Production Intercom TR-1 miniature wireless IFB talent receivers and earpieces or headsets.

We recommend the SMH310 single muff intercom headset, pictured to the right, which allows you to keep one ear open for discussion of the game in progress. ("Open for discussion" includes hearing people yell, "Watch Out!" when the ball is arcing toward the back of your head.) The receivers connect to the IFB output jack on the rear of the AS100.

The operator of the AS100 will be able to talk to the talent on the IFB circuit, communicate on the intercom, and send a broadcast quality audio signal back to the truck or studio.

The Production Intercom AS100 is the announcers station; it is designed to allow the announcer to broadcast and communicate with one headset. Its right and left earspeakers have independent volume controls, as the left ear can be used for communications and the right for IFB/communications.

One feature we particularly like is the mute button. This allows intercom communications and conversations between the producer and talent to remain private.  It can also function as a "cough" button. Congratulations to Production Intercom for helping keep your on-air dignity intact!

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