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PA Systems with Handsfree Wireless Microphones

PA systems with handsfree wireless mics give exercise classes a run for their money

Nady WA 120LT/O 20 Watt Mini PA System with Lavaliere Mic Terri E. asks:

I am interested in purchasing the Califone 2455AV02 and a wireless handsfree microphone to use in my group exercise classes. What type of microphone do you suggest?

Also, do you think that this system would be suitable for classes held in an elementary school cafeteria containing 30 students? Thanks!

AudioMan answers:

Terri, you're absolutely right to look for a wireless handsfree microphone for your exercise classes - handsfree operation is absolutely essential to inspire your students to work up a sweat!

That said, the Califone 2455AV02 may not be the best product to fit your needs. 

Yes, the PA system has 14 Watts RMS power and it offers music playback from both CD and cassette tapes, but the Califone 2455AV02 comes with a handheld wired microphone, not a wireless mic, and also does not have a built-in transmitter. You would have to purchase a separate wireless mic system to go with it, which can get expensive. 

Many different kinds of affordable PA systems combine music playback with wireless operation.

I suggest one of the following 2 PA systems- one mini and one mid-range- combining handsfree wireless mic systems with music playback that'll get their bodies moving!

For classes of 30 in a school cafeteria, a model that would fill the bill is the Nady WA120LT/O mini PA system, which features a clip-on wireless microphone and inputs for an external audio device.

This Nady WA120LT/O is a 20 watt system, which will project nicely to 30-50 students. Also at only 6.5 pounds, it's extremely portable. 

The system includes an omni-directional lavaliere (clip-on) microphone that uses a small body pack transmitter and wireless transmission to connect to the PA system itself. 

Although with this microphone you would have all the freedom of a wireless handsfree system, one thing to consider is where you will clip the microphone. With exercise clothes, clip-on microphones may not be the best option. 

A Nady HM1 headband microphone is a great addition to this system, offering wireless handsfree operation and solving the problem of where to put the mic! It's fully compatible with the wireless beltpack transmitter included with the WA120LT/O.

While the Nady WA120LT/O will satisfy your immediate needs, you should be aware that if classes expand or you want your music to sound better, you may quickly reach the limits of your system.

If you're able to make the extra investment, you should consider a full-featured PA system that will provide enough Wattage and flexibility to fit your current class size and then some.

Paso WPCS50M PROCAST50 50 Watt Mid-Range PA SystemThe Paso WPS50 is a mid-range PA system with extra power for music and expandability for larger classes down the road. With 50 Watts of power, you'll have plenty of juice to make the music sound great, and you'll be sure your instructions get through loud and clear.

It comes with a number of pre-packaged configurations, including an optional wireless MW323 body pack transmitter. The MW323 comes with both a wired handheld mic and a wireless lavaliere, but if a clip-on is impractical you can substitute it with a MHS63 headband mic.

For music, you can plug a CD player into an auxiliary input jack built into the Paso WPS50.

But to really get the music pumping, you can add a built-in CDM50U CD player with pitch control. This allows the trainer to slow down or raise the tempo to pick up the pace to really get the sweat flowing.

With remote control operation and an input for an optional flash card (which is sold separately), this is an all-in-one package to fit a variety of needs. It's for this reason that the Paso WPS50 is AudioLinks most popular PA system for aerobics instructors!

Hopefully one of these wireless PA system options will be just the thing to get your classroom in shape!

But if you still have questions, email or call (1-800-263-0112 ) AudioLinks staff of sound professionals and we'll help you pick out a system to fit your needs and budget.