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PA systems that are work horses for riding academies

Microphones & PA systems enhance teaching in a riding academy or any outdoor environment.

Paso 50 Watt WPCS50 PA systemSheila L. asks:
I am the head instructor at a horseback riding academy and my students can't always hear my instructions, especially when I am riding at the rear of the arena and they're observing from the bleachers. The ring itself is a 50 foot oval. I am wondering, is there some kind of microphone or PA system I can use? I hope so because my throat is getting sore!

AudioMan answers:
While many microphones can comfortably be worn by a teacher on the go, you will also need a PA system with enough power to reach your audience in an outdoor environment.

Among the most economical solutions are the following PA systems:

If you have access to a 110V AC power supply and can plug-in your PA system to the outlet I would recommend the SoundTech AL12R PA system which delivers 150 Watts of power and can be adapted to a wireless microphone for handsfree operation. You will need to purchase the microphone separately. The AL12R also has some great additional features: the PA system is highly portable; it comes equipped with a built-in graphic equalizer; and the PA system also has a built-in CD player for musical interludes as you canter through the barrels.

SoundTech AL12R  PA system

SoundTech AL12R PA System

The SoundTech AL12R PA system is purpose-built to give you outstanding sound reinforcement from a single, easy-to-transport speaker system. This powerful 150 Watt PA system contains a built-in CD player, remote control, mixer, equalizer, built-in wireless receiver and an efficient two-way design that will give you the sound quality and projection you need. Buy NowWhether you are an instructor at a horseback riding academy, a teacher in a classroom, a presenter in a mid-size lecture hall, or a solo musician, the SoundTech AL12R PA system is an easy to set-up and cost effective PA solution. Learn MORE >>  

Paso MW223 UHF belt pack transmitter and lapel microphone

If you lack access to an outdoor power source I would consider the Paso 50 Watt WPCS50 PA system with built in wireless receiver and rechargeable battery pack. This powerful public address system will adequately cover a riding ring with the dimensions you describe. Note, like the Soundtech AL12R, this PA system requires the separate purchase of a wireless handsfree microphone. I recommend the 16 channel Paso MW223 UHF belt pack transmitter and lapel microphone. The whole package comes in at under $500, and should prevent you from becoming a little hoarse - or a pony.

Paso 50 Watt WPCS50 PA system

Paso 50 Watt WPCS50 PA System

This Paso 50 Watt WPCS50 PA system is a highly versatile portable sound system, ideally suited for multimedia sound reinforcement. Part of the ULTRAVOX series, this self contained PA system comes with a built in wireless receiver, a rechargeable battery pack, and a wired handheld microphone. Buy NowThere are numerous optional upgrades with this PA system, both internal and external, that allow users to tailor a system that suits their individual requirements with maximum performance and intelligent flexibility, all at a reasonable price. Learn MORE >>  

Finally, if you seat your audience in a compact group, the Fleco FPA22 PA system is a great little work horse in its own right. This Fleco PA system even comes equipped with a wireless headset (handsfree) microphone at no extra charge. The drawback is that it only has 20 Watts of power, but it is about half the price of the other alternatives.

Fleco FPA22 PA system

Fleco FPA22 PA System

The Fleco FPA22 PA system is a fully loaded wireless system that matches the capability of portable PA's costing almost twice as much. These PA systems include features that often come as expensive add-ons, such as a built-in rechargeable battery, a belt clip transmitter and both a headset and a handheld wireless microphone. Buy NowThe Fleco FPA22 also comes equipped with a carrying handle which allows you to take this small area PA system virtually anywhere. It is a great solution for mobile venues like riding academies and schools.
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