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PA Systems Mounted On Cars, Vans, Trucks or Boats

Loud Hailers are portable PA systems designed to be mounted on vehicles and boats

Amplivox SW312 Sound Cruiser Wireless PA SystemMark K. asks:

I’m running for public office in my town and I want to be able to get my message out to the people while I’m on the move.  I’m looking for a PA system with small weatherproof speakers to mount on the exterior of my van.  I need a wireless microphone, and I want to have the ability to play CDs or possibly even satellite radio.  Does something like this exist?  My campaign depends on it!

AudioMan recommends portable PA systems for mounting on your vehicle and taking to the road….

Mark, I like your style.  You’re not just running for office, you’re driving for office, too!  The aspiring politician-on-the-go knows that it’s important to get his message out wherever he or she is, even if it’s on the road.  Thankfully, I’ve got something that should meet your campaign’s needs and help put you over the top come Election Day.

The Amplivox Sound Cruiser S312 has everything you need to make sure your campaign promises are heard by the whole town.  There are several Sound Cruisers available with both wired and wireless microphones, but since the SW312 includes the wireless mic you specified . 

Amplivox SW314 Wireless Quad Sound Cruiser PA SystemThe AmpliVox SW312 comes with two speakers that deliver 50 Watts of power and have a range of up to 100 yards.  The speakers are mounted using non-marring suction cups and tie-down straps, so they won’t mess up your van. 

Also, as specified, the speakers and mounting system are weatherproof, so you can even campaign in the rain!  Heck, you can even use the Sound Cruiser on your campaign boat, if you decide to get one.

The SW312 comes with a wireless headset microphone and bodypack transmitter for convenient hands-free political oratory.  It also comes with an auxiliary input so you can plug in a CD player or other external audio source.  The Sound Cruiser’s speakers are powerful, but they also deliver clear, rich sound, whether you’re making a speech or broadcasting your campaign jingle.

If you’re looking for more coverage than two speakers can give you, consider an upgrade to the AmpliVox SW314 with four speakers which give 360 degree broadcasting. 

Have a look at all our Amplivox Sound Cruisers and Half Mile Hailers as well as our large-area PA systems to see even more options.  If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to call 1-800-263-0112 or email us. 

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