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PA Systems for Bus Tours

Getting the best PA System for your bus tour depends on making the right 3 choices!

Etienne L. asks:

I'm a tour guide in the West Indies where I plan to conduct bus tours of Grand Turk Island. I need a portable PA system so that my tour groups can hear over the noise of the engine and other background noises. Please help me find the right system!

AudioMan answers:

AudioMan is on the bus for a tour of Grand Turk Island.

But before the bus tour starts let's make sure you have the right PA system to make your guided tour sound great.

There are 3 things to consider in making your choice among PA systems suitable for tour groups:

Nady WA120 with an optional wireless handheld microphoneFor your situation I would suggest using the Nady WA120 with an optional wireless handheld microphone (WA120HT).

Alternatively the Nady WA120 is also available with a wireless omni-directional lavaliere microphone (WA120LT/O)

With 20 Watts of power the WA120 is effective for buses even when there is considerable background noise.

In addition with their wireless microphones and battery power the WA120 PA systems provide the flexibility that tour guides and bus tours need.

These PA systems are also versatile in that they give you the option of ordering a separate rechargeable battery system, or you can simply use 8 D-cell alkaline batteries. 

Not only are there no cords to trip over, but also the lavaliere mic with the LT/O leaves your hands free to point out the sights.

Another option you may want to consider - especially if you have a limited budget - is the AudioLinks Sidekick Personal PA system.  This is a highly portable system that weighs less than one pound and can easily be worn on your belt. The system's amplifier is 5 watts, and it comes with a dynamic wired headband microphone. 

The Sidekick can reach an operating range of up to 165 feet, but one thing you would want to consider is that it is only 5 watts, and may not be the best option giving an outdoor tour, due to all of the background noise. 

With these options, you're bus tour will get off to great start, and, hey, save me a window seat!

Questions? Email or call (1-800-263-0112) AudioLinks team of experts to help you choose an ideal portable PA system.