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Anchor Audio

Conference Microphones, PA Systems & More by Anchor Audio!

Anchor Audio

Since 1976, Anchor Audio PA systems have led the industry with their portability and fidelity. Anchor Audio has earned an excellent reputation for manufacturing rugged, versatile and highly portable PA systems at a reasonable price.

Their state-of-the-art audio products include not only their PA systems (including the popular Liberty Platinum, Beacon, Explorer and Megavox Pro lines) but also portable Anchor AN MiniVox powered monitors, CouncilMAN conference microphone systems, headphones, wired microphones, megaphones, podiums & lecterns, wireless production intercoms and more. is an authorized dealer for all Anchor products including their newest PA systems and conference microphone systems. If you don't see what you're looking for in our catalog, please email us or call a sales representative at 1-800-263-0112to find out how Anchor Audio could be a sound solution for your next event.


Anchor Audio Liberty Platinum PA Systems

Anchor Audio Liberty Platinum & Liberty Dual PAs feature Bluetooth & a variety of microphone options.

Anchor Audio Beacon Line Array PA Systems

The Anchor Audio Beacon PA offers superior sound coverage with its vertical line-array speakers.

Anchor Audio Explorer Pro PA Systems

Get powerful, portable sound with the Anchor Audio Explorer Pro Basic & Dual PA systems.

Anchor Audio Megavox Portable PA Systems

The Anchor Audio Megavox Pro PA systems offer a wide variety of wired and wireless microphone options!

Anchor Audio Go Getter Portable PA Systems

The Go Getter PA system is a highly portable solution for both indoor and outdoor events.

Anchor Audio AN Portable PA Systems

Anchor Audio AN powered PA speakers are the ultimate portable sound solution for events of all types.

Anchor Audio Conference Systems

Anchor conference units allow control of discussions with voting, interpreting & other features.

Anchor Audio Portable Intercom Systems

Anchor Audio Portacom intercom systems offer your production teams wireless communication abilities.

Anchor Audio Lecterns & Podiums

Anchor Audio's stylish powered podiums and lecterns include powerful built-in PA systems.

Anchor Audio Microphones

Anchor Audio microphones are a versatile solution for Anchor PA systems or any compatible sound system.

Anchor Audio Headsets & Headphones

Anchor Audio headsets and headphones provide superior sound for compatible intercom & conference systems.

Anchor Accessories & Protective Cases

Upgrade your Anchor PA products with protective cases, bags, stands and cables!

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