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Studio Gear & Equipment

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Sennheiser e614 overhead condenser mic
Marantz PMD660 MP3 WAV recorder

Sennheiser e614 mic
Marantz PMD660 Recorder
Tascam 2488mkII workstation
AKG K66 stereo headphones
Shure SM58 vocal microphone
Nady DigiComp16 compressor
Fender 1270P powered monitor
Tascam mastering recorder
Recordex D1 CD Duplicator
Monster BI2002M Cable

Multitrack Recorders

Marantz, Tascam & Zoom

see all multitrack recorders
Tascam DP02 8 Track Digital Portastudio with 40GB Hard Drive
Zoom R24 24-Track Recorder & Audio Interface
Tascam 2488mkII 24-Track Digital Portastudio - 80GB Hard Drive

Studio Headphones

AKG, Nady, Samson, Sennheiser & Sony

see all studio headphones
Nady QH 560

Studio Microphones

Samson, Nady, Sennheiser & Shure

see all studio microphones
 large diaphragm condenser microphone
Shure SM57 instrument microphone
Shure KSM109 studio condenser microphone


JVC, Fender, Gemini, Monster & Nady

see all cables
Monster ILJR-4M Interlink - RCA cable
Nady SC-20 18-gauge, 20 foot speaker cable with two 1/4-inch phone plugs
Monster Cable BI2002M RCA cable

Stands & Accessories

AKG, Fender & Samson

see all stands & accessories
Fender mini electric guitar stand
 Samson BT4 telescopic microphone stand
AKG ST46 Table Mic Stand

Sound Equalization & FX

A.R.T., Gemini & Nady

see all sound equalization & FX
Nady DigiComp16 digital compressor with 256 compression effects
A.R.T. Tube PAC - preamp/compressor
Nady SDP-20 - digital processor


Pyle Pro, Tapco, Zoom & Bogen

see all amplifiers
Samson Zoom Fire 30 amplifier
Tapco J800 power amplifier with 800 watts
Pyle Pro PT4000 2000 watt rack-mountable power amplifier

Studio Monitors

Fender, Nady, Samson & SoundTech

see all monitors
SoundTech CST15 200 watt amplifier with 15 inch woofer
Fender 1270P stage monitor
Samson resolv 80a active monitors

Mixdown Decks

Denon, Marantz, Pioneer & Tascam

see all sound equalization & FX
Tascam CDRW900SL Rackmountable CD Recorder
Marantz PMD570 solid state digital recorder
Tascam DVRA1000HD High Resolution Mastering Recorder


Microboards & Recordex

see all duplicators
Recordex D1 CD Duplicator
Microboards Technology QD-DVD - duplicator - CD/DVD
Recordex D3 - CD/DVD duplicator

Blank Media

Maxell, Sony, TDK, & Taiyo Yuden

see all blank media
Maxell Music CD-R 25-Pack
Maxell Data CD-R 25-Pack
TDK CD-RW - blank media - 80 minute- 25 pack

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