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government agencies, first responders & military units

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Pro-Audio Equipment for Government & Military Personnel

Government Agencies, including First Responders (police, fire and medical units) and the military, benefit from shopping for audio equipment and conference services through our government friendly website and sales representatives.

AudioLinks accepts government Purchase Orders (PO's) and ships to APO and FPO addresses. AudioLinks is also a GSA authorized vendor for most manufacturers of high quality audio equipment.

chairman microphonesA Chairman Microphone and/or central control unit allows a senior official to control participant access in a government hearing or committee meeting. For example, the chair of a panel or a judge can use the chairman microphone to limit questions from the floor and/or control the sequence of presentations by turning on (or off) microphones. These and other features enhance the managing of complex government proceedings. Such units are available for sale or rental as part of AudioLinks comprehensive government conference services.

conference systemsDelegate Microphone Systems are a feature of AudioLinks Conference Services. In government proceedings or committees Delegate Microphones allow maximum participation by conference attendees without sacrificing orderly process. Delegate Voting Systems and digital or analog recording are also facilitated by such conference systems. Conference systems are available for purchase at special government discounts or can be provided as part of our Conference Services with on-site engineers who set-up and monitor equipment use.

PA systems & lecturnsPublic Address Systems manufactured by such well respected companies as AmpliVox, Anchor Audio, Califone, Fender Pro-Audio, Nady and SoundTech are available to qualified government buyers at extraordinary discounts. AudioLinks also offers a wide range of PA accessories and gear such as lecterns, podiums, speaker stands and wireless microphones. Call our government friendly sales staff to find out which system is best for your special circumstances. Discounts for quantity orders and First Responders in disaster relief (such as victims of Hurricane Katrina) are available.

conference servicesProfessional experienced Simultaneous Interpreters and Sound Proof Booths can be provided in more than 100 languages and dialects. AudioLinks also provides highly trained technicians to set-up and monitor the required equipment including wireless FM or Infrared transmitters and receivers for audiences ranging from a few dozen to thousands. More complex services include floor language re-injection, floor channel default, assistive listening for the hearing impaired and two-way interpreter relays for mult-language panel discussions.

portable PA systemsPortable PA Systems, including Handheld PA Systems and Megaphones, are available in a wide range of options for purchase or rental. For audiences of a few dozen to literally thousands, AudioLinks has the right configuration for virtually any government meeting. Rugged lightweight construction makes some products, such as those of Anchor Audio and AmpliVox ideal for outdoor use by first responders and other government or military officials. Superior sound reproduction and optional features such as CD players offer great options for indoor events or government meetings. Call us to explore your special needs and how we can best help.

Rental Options!You may also be interested in our rental options for special events or regularly scheduled meetings, including multi-lingual gatherings that benefit from simultaneous interpreting. AudioLinks provides professional audio engineers, simultaneous interpreters and related A/V equipment such as soundproof booths both in the United States and in foreign venues.

Call 1-800-263-0112 to learn more or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with our current specials and product reviews.

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