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Able Planet
Able Planet
Able Planet uses LINX AUDIO™ technology in headphones and other audio communication devices to enhance listening pleasure. Able Planet headphones and accessories make it easier to hear words or music, by boosting the audibility of high frequency harmonics without increasing volume. Learn MORE about Able Planet Products >>  

AKG Acoustics
AKG Acoustics
Headphones, Wired & Wireless Microphones
AKG has built an international reputation as one of the world’s most elite suppliers of microphones, headphones and wireless systems. The signature “AKG Sound” is the basis for the popularity of their products, the result of impeccable workmanship and the highest standards. >>
Learn MORE about AKG ACOUSTICS Products >>

PA Systems, Megaphones, Lecterns & Microphones
AmpliVox (formerly Perma Power) manufactures indoor/outdoor portable PA systems, megaphones, loud hailers and elegant solid wood lecterns with integrated wired or wireless microphones, 100 Watt amplifiers, full range loudspeakers and built-in CD/tape player-recorders. >>
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AmpliVox Half Mile Hailers ad Sound Cruisers
AmpliVox Half Mile Hailers ad Sound Cruisers
Half Mile Hailers and Sound Cruisers
AmpliVox manufactures Half Mile Hailers and Sound Cruisers are powerful sound systems that broadcast outside over a wide area; they combine the sound quality of a PA system and the portability of a megaphone. One Half Mile Hailer can even be used to broadcast to a whole football field. The Sound Cruiser features a mounting kit that easily attaches to your car, truck, bus or boat. >>
Learn MORE about AMPLIVOX Loud Hailer Products >>

PA Systems, Karaoke and Pro-Audio Digital Technology
Founded in 1989, Audio2000 has used its expertise in wireless, digital, audio and video technologies to create affordable and high-quality karaoke, DJ, and pro-audio systems. Audio2000 is a well-known name in the karaoke world. >>
Learn MORE about Audio2000 Products >>

Speakers, Amplifiers & Mixers, Speakerphones
Bogen manufactures premium speakers, amplifiers, mixers, paging systems, and telephone conferencing systems. The Bogen family of products is designed to address applications ranging from single speaker systems to large-scale concert music systems for commercial, industrial and institutional applications. >>
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Delegate, Chairman, Microphones & Voting Systems
Bosch Microphones designs and manufactures Bosch Digital Congress Network microphones and conference systems. Bosch microphones are ideal for venues such as local government councils, hotel conference rooms, training and educational venues. >>
Learn MORE about BOSCH Products >>

Projectors, Screens & Accessories
Buhl Electric has been in existence as a manufacturer since 1985. Buhl continuously designs new products offering the highest quality and performance for overhead projectors, opaque projectors and a new LCD projector. They are one of the premiere suppliers in their market. >>
Learn MORE about BUHL Products >>

Buhl AV Carts & Projector Carts
AV Carts & Projector Carts
Buhl Electric has manufactured AV carts since 1985. Buhl designs and manufactures products including AV carts and screens to support their highly respected overhead projectors, opaque projectors and - most recently - LCD projectors. >>
Learn MORE about BUHL AV Carts and Projector Carts >>

  Featured Manufacturers
Able Planet Able Planet
AKG Acoustics AKG Acoustics
Amplivox Amplivox
Anchor Anchor Audio
Audio2000 Audio2000
Bigsby Bigsby
Bogen Bogen
Bosch Bosch
Bosch Buhl
Califone Califone
Crown Crown
Da-Lite Da-Lite
Fender Fender
Hamilton Hamilton
Listen Krown
Listen Listen
Maxell Corp. Maxell Corp.
Nady Nady
Paso Paso
Pignose Pignose
PinTech PinTech
Pyle Pro Pyle Pro
Recordex Recordex
Samson Samson
Sennheiser Sennheiser
Shure Shure
Soundcraft Soundcraft
Soundsphere Soundsphere
Soundsphere Soundtech
Tascam Tascam
Williams Sound Williams Sound
Yamaha Yamaha
Zoom Zoom
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