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AudioLinks - audio visual sourceConference Services

AudioLinks specializes in international conference services including:

as well as a full range of AV conference services communication devices to enhance listening pleasure.

AudioLinksAudio Link Conference Services Include:
Conference Interpreting or Simultaneous Interpreting services

Conference Interpreting or Simultaneous Interpreting services are offered in more than 100 languages and dialects. AudioLinks provides not only conference interpreters, but also on-site engineers to monitor your event and specialized audio equipment and booths as part of our complete conference services. Click to continue

Cassette Tape and/or Digital Recording

Cassette Tape
and/or Digital Recording

of conference proceedings
be done in conjunction with on-site or off-site duplication. As part of our conference services trained sound engineers monitor recording and duplication equipment according to your specifications.
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Transcription of conference proceedings in more than 150 languages and dialects (including of course American English) is available through our conference services division. Certified transcription from tapes and/or digital media distinguish our services. Transcription is available as part of our recording services or separately. Click to continue

Delegate Systems for interactive conferences include push-to-talk corporate microphone systems and accessories like voting systems. Available for rent or purchase the delegate systems available as part of conference services provide an extraordinary user experience while retaining control with the conference chair. Click to continue

AV Conference Services
AudioLinks provides recording and on-site duplication; post-production transcription, multi-user voting systems and specialized delegate microphones; projectors and overheads for multimedia presentations, computers and wired or wireless internet connections; interpreting (both simultaneous and consecutive) in more than 150 languages and dialects; and translation of preparatory and post-production documentation. Click to continue

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