Nady Encore Duet Wireless Mic System with Headband & Handheld Mics (00447J)

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Nady Encore Duet Wireless Mic System with Headband & Handheld Mics (00447J)

Nady Encore Duet Wireless Mic System with Headband & Handheld Mics (00447J)

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Sku: 00447J

Model: Nady Encore Duet W/HM1 head worn & HT

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The Nady Encore Duet VHF wireless microphone system with headband and handheld mics is designed forlong range performance with minimum interference!

The Nady Encore Duet is a dual channel wireless mic system which includes one headband and onehandheld mic plus a body pack transmitter and a dual-channel half-rack diversity receiver. It usesNady's proprietary DigiTRU Diversity digital processing circuitry to eliminate dropouts and give youcrystal clear reception, even during long-range use.

The Nady Encore Duet operates in the VHF high-band for reliability and long-range performance,providing up to 250 feet of operating range and up to 500 feet in optimal line-of-sightconditions!

The double-antenna receiver connects to any receiver or amp with 1/4" or XLR inputs, including theFender Passport PA systems. This Nady Encore Duet mic system is currently available on special withthe 150 Watt Fender Passport Deluxe PD150 and the 250 Watt Fender PassportDeluxe PD250 PA systems at a combined discounted price. The receiver can operate on two channels simultaneously, which means you can use both the headsetand handheld mic together without worying about interference. The front panel displays the level ofRF signal and the audio level. Another key feature of the Encore Duet is the unique snap-out panellocking tabs for optional single receiver or dual receiver (side by side) rack mounting.

Please note that the XLR cables required to connect this Nady system to your PA are sold separately. AudioLinks recommends purchase of 2 Nady 6-foot XLR cables for use with this system.

The Encore Duet is available in a variety of mic configurations: with a lavaliere (lapel) andhandheld; with a lavaliere and a headband; with 2 handhelds;with 2headbands; or with 2 lavalieres.

Nady also offers the same level of choice with the enhanced, four channel 401X VHF microphonesystem: the 401XHT with four handheld microphones; the 401X LT with four lavaliere microphones; and the 401X LT/HTwith two handheld and two lavaliere microphones are also available.

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  • easy to use
  • simultaneous use of microphones
  • 5 LED displays for monitoring incoming signal strength and audio level
  • long range performance
  • receiver designed with two retractable front panel antennas
  • VHF high-band
  • loaded with top professional features
  • balanced XLR and unbalanced adjustable 1/4" inputs

  • locking in the clearest available channels
  • small or large audiences
  • presentations with multiple speakers
  • one receiver
  • one handheld mic/transmitter
  • two antennas
  • one body-pack transmitter
  • one headband mic

Warranty: 3 year manufacturer's limited warranty