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Auditorium Sound Systems

Auditorium sound systems by Amplivox, Califone, Oklahoma Sound, Paso, & Samson

Portable  PA Systems -  Mid Range

AudioLink Services is currently offering extraordinary discounts on auditorium sound systems.

Auditorium Sound Systems
For Up to 45% Off List! has taken some of its best selling sound systems which are suitable for auditoriums and put them on special. These portable & installed auditorium sound systems are drawn from the finest manufacturers in the pro-audio industry.

See more of our PA systems. You can also examine our full line of mid-range portable PA systems, podiums with built-in PA systems, and ADA compliant listening systems with multiple receivers.

Paso Procast 50 50-Watt PA System
Save More Than 40% Off List!

The ProCast50 is ready to use out of the box with an included wired mic!
The ProCast50 PA system delivers mobility and volume to presenters with 50 Watts of power and a receiver for optional wireless mics! This PA is also expandable for CD & other optional media players. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $592
Our Price: $329.99 + shipping

Audio2000 120 Watt PA with Wireless Mic
Save More Than 20% Off List!

This 120 Watt Audio2000 sound system is both powerful and portable!
Audio2000's self-contained 120 Watt portable PA system includes a built-in CD player & wireless receiver with mics, and a rechargeable battery. It features a retractable handle and rolling casters for easy transport. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $710
Our Price: $569.99 + shipping

AmpliVox 50 Watt Voice Projector PA
Save More Than 35% Off List!

This sound system features a 50 Watt amp with a built-in wireless receiver!
The Amplivox Voice Projector features lapel & headset mics with a bodypack transmitter. Two built-in Jensen designed 6 X 8 inch speakers and a 50 Watt amp project to medium & large auditoriums. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $925.05
Our Price: $584.84 + shipping

Califone Installed Infrared PA System
Save More Than 35% Off List!

Califone's IR PA puts clear sound in every corner of your auditorium!
This Califone infrared wireless presentation system combines the freedom of motion offered by lavaliere wireless mics & a pair of revolutionary array loudspeakers that produce targeted sound beams for complete audio coverage. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,040
Our Price: $639.99 + shipping

Freestanding podium with a theft-deterrent bracket to protect its 50 Watt amp!
The Amplivox S355 Elite podium features a 24 X 14 inch work surface with a book stop. It comes with a 50 Watt amplifier capable of reaching small to mid-size crowds, a full-range Jensen speaker, and a wired handheld mic. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,269.45
Our Price: $787.28 + shipping

The 40 Watt Orator features a built in receiver for optional wireless mics!
Oklahoma Sound's Orator podium has a spacious reading surface, a built-in timepiece and a brass reading lamp. It includes wired handheld & lavaliere condenser mics and upgrades to wireless with an optional additional wireless mic. Click to CONTINUE >>

BestList Price: $1,443.90
Our Price: $799.99 + shipping

This radius-style mahogany freestanding podium houses a 50 Watt PA system!
The 50 Watt Amplivox Presidential Plus S450 podium includes a wired handheld mic, plus two full-range Jensen speakers. This podium features two large shelves with ample space for notes, equipment, a briefcase or accessories. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,331.40
Our Price: $881.99 + shipping

Amplivox Freestanding Podium with 50 Watt PA
Save More Than 40% Off List!

This height-adjustible podium has a built-in 50 Watt PA with a wired mic!
The Amplivox S505A Executive Sound Column lectern is a self-contained portable lectern with a built-in PA system packed with high end features and designed for a multi-user environment. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,636.80
Our Price: $989.77 + shipping

Start your PA system with this upgradeable 150-Watt powered speaker!
Use this speaker by itself, or customize your system with optional powered Paso speakers to fill even larger venues. Includes 4 module bays to allow the addition of up to 4 wireless mics for simultaneous use, or any combination of UHF receivers and modular media players. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,538
Our Price: $1,078.88 + shipping

This basic Listen system helps public venues to meet ADA guidelines!
The Listen 4 receiver system provides assisted listening for the hearing impaired and includes a transmitter with antenna, 4 wireless receivers & 4 earbuds, and an ADA compliant sign kit. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $1,138.96
Map Price: $1,138.96
Our Price: Call For Better Price & Specials

The 50 Watt Chancellor includes a mic & a built-in Jensen 4-speaker system!
The Amplivox Chancellor freestanding lectern includes a 50 Watt 4 speaker PA, a wired handheld mic, and line in/out jacks. It is made from the finest plain sliced quality veneer and solid wood. Click to CONTINUE >>

List Price: $2,770.95
Our Price: $1,763.98 + shipping

This Amplivox Podium supplies prestige & power for formal events!
This 50 Watt sound system is housed in a solid hardwood cabinet that converts from a podium to a reading table with a simple recessed mechanism. The Victoria housing is available in a variety of wood finishes. Click to CONTINUE >>

TopList Price: $4,117.05
Our Price: $2,534.68 + shipping